Here is why Mekhil is your best Transformational Partner

Transformation & development is a journey

Our courses are designed to take you on a journey, not teach you once & wish you the best of luck!

Compounding effect

The journey you take with us is designed to have a compounding effect so your transformation would be sustainable & realistic


Tired of learning on your traine'r's schedule or venue? Take your transformation at your convenient time, place & pace. As long as you are consistent and disciplined, you will make it through.

Consistency & Commitment

life is designed to reward the persistent, so are our success journey systems! When you are committed & consistent, we take you further, you become a candidate to for our coaching programs! 

Access to Knowledge & experience

Shortening your journey to success to few years is attainable at Mekhil with our trainers( አክሀሊ) who have vast knowledge & years of experience you wouldn’t normally get all in one place!

Elevating you to success

You being the average of the 5 people around you, being among a community of like-minded people exponentially improves your progress, enriches your experience and exposure, and sets you up to meet partners in business and common goals!

Show off to the right people

Developing at Mekhil provides you a digital place to be visible in your community through a business directory dedicated to Mekhil Trainees only! Pick your future partner, supplier or customer, and showcase what you have to offer!